DarkHotel – Think that Hotel Wi-Fi is Safe?

Hotel Room

According to an article via abcnews: How Cyber Crime Gang Targets Travelling Executives Through Hotel Wi-Fi,for the past four (4) years, a group of cyber criminals have been hacking into business executives systems in methodical patterns across the Asia-Pacific region, never targeting the same person twice. Dubbed DarkHotel via officials, the information is procured via the intended victim being prompted to download  what appears to be a software update on the compromised Wi-Fi. Once downloaded, the victim remains unaware that their entire computer is now compromised, including any future keystrokes being recorded.

As dangerous as this story may appear, steps can be taken to provide a more secure connection while utilizing these hot spots. Simply employing a few extra security measures provided by your IT Consultant and employing monthly updates can help keep your valuable information secure.